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Nature's Blessings

Posted by [email protected] on April 4, 2016 at 8:05 PM


Take time to enjoy those things which we so often take forgranted.


With limbs outstretched reaching into the afternoon sky,

Sunlight dances on leaves and in darkness,shadows fall.

Dew droplets nourish each newborn bud,

While roots grow deep; solid, becoming one with the earth.


In the fall, the leaves, a kaleidoscope of color fall to the ground,

With Spring, renewing each limb to a better replica of itself.

In Summer, sunlit greens and yellows surround the branches and,

With the approach of Winter, leaves drop off and start the cycle once more.


Trees give us a place for swings for children to laugh and play on,

Or for them to climb in.

For lovers to carve precious declarations of undying love on,

Or to quietly relax under; reading some literature from author's long gone.


It's a place to pitch a hammock for an afternoon nap in the cool summer breeze,

Or to have a picnic under with loved ones you hold dear to your heart.

A place to sit under to fish and catch your evening meal,

Or for an artist's retreat to create striking masterpieces.


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